When it comes to locating educational content for a PC-powered VR headset like a Vive, Rift or WMR, it can be a little tricky for three main reasons:

  1. There are multiple app stores to find content and some of the content can only be found in certain app stores.
  2. Not all the stores have an easy to find Education section.
  3. Some content which would be great in the classroom isn’t actually tagged as educational.

As such I decided to scour the three main stores – Steam, VivePort and The Oculus Store and curate some of the best educational apps into one handy resource. I decided that rather than take the same approach as with the Periodic Tables of AR/VR for iOS that I have worked on with the mighty Mark Anderson (find Vol.1 here and Vol.2 here), I would work with a limit of 5 apps per subject so I’ve essentially curated my top 5 PC VR apps for each of the 18 subjects and themes.

You can download a high-res PDF version of the graphic by clicking on this link.

UPDATE (19/2/19): Some people have had issues using the download link above. I have tested it from various devices and can confirm that it does work. Nonetheless, here is a seperate Dropbox link to the PDF – link.

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