Our Mission
Pearson English Business Solutions harnesses the power of technology and premium content to enable talent to communicate, collaborate and operate in a common language, business English, whether down the hall, across continents and across businesses. Pearson English Business Solutions helps corporations break down communication silos with the learning, tools and tasks that help your talent to apply business English as a common framework in the context of the jobs they perform and with a technology platform that delivers a robust experience based on the skills necessary to add value to their daily jobs and in turn help accelerate business growth.

What Matters to Us
Our innovative solutions allow our clients to collaborate and achieve their highest potential, and we’ve created an environment in which Pearson English Business Solutions’ employees are empowered to do the same. Without communication and collaboration, global businesses cannot reach their highest potential—which is why we’ve created a collaborative environment where employees can grow and contribute every day.

Teamwork and Accountability
With focus and clear direction, employees work together across functions and borders daily to achieve great things. We expect professional responsibility across the organization and have created a culture in which we hold one another to the highest possible standards.

Global Diversity
We are a truly global company, not just by virtue of the clients we serve, but also because of our worldwide workforce. Globally, our employees are results-oriented and motivated, providing invaluable perspectives that shape our company and how we conduct business.

We have built a business poised for growth, one dependent on continuous innovation and guided by a long-term vision for the health and prosperity of our company

Client Focus
We are passionate about our clients and know that our success depends on their success. Identifying, understanding and meeting their needs every day is what gives us direction. Commitment to our clients is the foundation of everything we do.

We have been accredited by the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI), which demonstrates our commitment to an innovative product roadmap, the highest standards of service delivery and a global community, making us the ideal partner for organizations looking to improve their levels of Business English language proficiency.


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